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CVO services

21st Century Accounting Inc. employs Dr. Brian Keen as CVO (Chief Value Officer).  He is one of the first CVOs in the world!

What is the value of your business, your staff, and your stakeholders (including customers/clients)? 

In our firm's experience there are businesses that think they are ethical because they are successful.  This is a 19th century philosophical ethical category and is irrelevant in the 21st century.  Our firm endorses the Theanthropical Ethical category, one of the few scientifically-based ethical categories. 

Our firm provides your business or enterprise with a CVO who has the Certified General Ethicist (CGE) professional designation.  You can be assured that your business or enterprise adheres to ethical standards that are scientifically-verifiable and objective.  


Objective standards which are scientifically-verifiable, are essential for ascertaining whether your business or enterprise is successful or not.  Your business or enterprise can become eligible to receive the Certified Ethical Enterprise (CEE) Award easily through employing a CVO.  The easiest way to employ a fully qualified CVO with the CGE professional designation is to take advantage of our firm's CVO service. 


​Dr. Brian Keen is the Organizer of the Toronto Roundtable, which is affiliated with the Association of Certified General Ethicists.   This assists our firm in understanding your value, based upon the Truth.  Dr. Keen is presently training potential Certified General Ethicists in learning in-depth how to diagnose business problems and how to resolve these problems.  He is an advocate for the Doctor of Applied Ethics (DAE) degree programme.  He is an entrepreneur and a Certified General Ethicist (CGE) who is the chief advocate of the Theanthropic Ethical category.  He earned his Doctor of Theological Studies (DTS) Summa Cum Laude at Bethany Divinity College and Seminary.  His official thesis is Theology as a Scientific Discipline.  His thesis is available worldwide through his book POWER Living Through Science, Theanthropic Ethics, Volume 2. 



21st Century Accounting Inc. knows that your business or enterprise will be successful if you are committed to ethical standards based upon scientifically-verifiable objective standards.  

Dr. Keen has written 9 books on ethics.  ​Many of these books have been endorsed by the Association of Certified General Ethicists.