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If you are an entrepreneur who has a start-up business, you should consider recruiting a CFO in order to know where you stand financially.  Entrepreneurs must always know about their cash flow.


There are many benefits to having a CFO.  A CFO has earned a professional accounting designation, i.e. Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA).  

If you don't know whether you can afford the services of a CFO, remember that 21st Century Accounting Inc. provides part-time CFO's for any size business, but especially for micro-enterprises.  Most services offer consultation prior to signing-up.  

An investment of $100,000 in your business for a full-time CFO is appropriate and well worth it.  If your business is unable to invest this much, you need to contact our firm for a free consultation.  

Banks and venture capitalists need to know the valuation of your business.  If you've watched Dragons' Den or The Big Decision (both on CBC) you will know that your valuation of the business can make or destroy opportunities.  If an entrepreneur is unable to explain to either a bank employee or venture capitalist what the valuation is and why, it is absolutely necessary to have a CFO.  

You must know the value of your business in order to be successful.  Remember that it takes more than a working knowledge of the accounting software to be an accountant, so let our firm assist you in becoming successful.